Hey there,

I’m a graphic design student at Maryville University, I’m also tackling a minor in business administration (I know killer) so I’m busy with school pretty much all the time. I also am taking a few interactive design classes like web design and intro to animation, so yeah I’m extremely busy. However, when I do get free time, I enjoy reading (my favorite authors are Ayn Rand, Albert Camus, and Chuck Palahnuik. I also love Catch 22), drawing, rock climbing, and listening to music (Streetlight Manifesto, Gogol Bordello, World Inferno, and Reel Big Fish are a few of my favorites). I love the city and wherever I end up, it has to be urban. Originally, I’m from Tinley Park, IL but go to school in Saint Louis. I have two chinchillas (great pets) and have a bias towards rodents in general mainly because they were the only kind of pet I was allowed to have growing up.

Portfolio Website: sabotagedesign.net


One thought on “About

  1. Terésa says:

    Hello there. Just wanted to say I was given a couple tin plates (kind of like license plates but smaller) with of your Aleing Author designs on them. “The Old Man and the Swill”, and “Stream of Unconsciousness”
    They are both brilliant. All the best in your studies, I hope you are still creating. Thank you from Calgary Canada

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