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National Blues Museum Windows

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This project is something you do once in a lifetime, it a very unique opportunity to be a part of.

Recently, my graphic design class at Maryville University participated in painting the windows of the soon to be museum for the National Blues Museum located on Washington Ave. in Saint Louis, Missouri. The window mural is about a city block in length and 11 feet tall. The goal of the mural was to incite a sense of liveliness and energy in the area and for the future museum. The windows are creating a lot of buzz and interest in the museum. The blog documenting our class’s work and progress can be found here.

We were also featured on KPLR Saint Louis, here is the link to the video.

I helped come up with the concept and design for some of the windows. Below is the section I designed.

section of the National Blues Museum Windows I designed and partly painted

Planning the concept for the National Blues Museum’s window mural was a project that was unlike any other I have had in school. First of all, I was surprised at the creative freedom we were given in planning the design for the windows. There were very little requirements other than the logos for The MX District, The Laurel Building, and The National Blues Museum that needed to be included. I found it a challenge designing for such a huge scale. It is hard to imagine how your work will transfer once it has been blown up to scale.

This was my first time working on a project with real clients. I had imagined they would be much more demanding and strict, but in reality, they were very friendly and provided us with lots of information on the project and building.

The whole project still didn’t seem real until we were at the site and started prepping the windows and drawing the outlines of the shapes. While working on the windows, it finally came together in my mind that this project was actually happening. Up until that point, it still seemed like a fictional class assignment. I was excited to finally see our concepts put into action.

Overall, I had a lot of fun working downtown on the windows. Many pedestrians were curious about the project, asking questions and taking pictures of us working, which I believe will really work in favor of the museum. I think that with the attention we are receiving for just the basic window prepping, when the actual painting is up, people will really be excited and curious. Overall, I found the work very engaging and challenging because we were transferring a drawing from an 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper to windows measuring 5.5’ by 11’. This project is something you do once in a lifetime, it a very unique opportunity to be a part of.

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