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Firstmate App Design – An iPhone App for Sailing

This project was completed for identity design. We were required to design the logo, application icon, and four buttons for an iPhone app. I chose to focus on an application that included important tools for sailing and boating. Included would be a weather tracker, nautical charts, an SOS call button, and a port locator.

For my logo, I was inspired by script on the sides of boats and yachts. I wanted to reference this while using traditional icons like the anchor. For my app icon, I loved the idea of the hat because it was friendly and went along perfectly with the name Firstmate. I really liked the idea of the hat taking the cube form of the app. The texture used in the interface for my application references the fabric of sails, as well as the stripes. For my buttons, I liked the idea of depth, so I created the buttons similar to a shadowbox.

Overall, I’m happy with this project, but I spent a LOT of time on it which began to cut into my capstone work, so I’m very glad to finally be done with it!

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